Harga Glass Ware Schott Duran Laboratory Bottle

glass ware schottduran1 Harga Glass Ware Schott Duran Laboratory Bottle

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3 Responses to Harga Glass Ware Schott Duran Laboratory Bottle

  1. Helentina says:

    1. Sample Cells, 1” Square, 10 ml, HACH 24954-02 = 1 Pkg
    2. Buffer Solution pH 10 HACH 22836-49 (@500ml) = 4 Btl
    3. Thermometer 0-100oC = 5 Pcs
    4. Pipet volumetric plastik 10 ml = 10 pcs
    5. Ph Electroda HACH 51935 00 = 1 buah
    6. Botol Sample 1 liter (kaca) = 30 btl
    7. Botol Sample 500 ml (plastik) NIKKO = 25 btl
    8. Beaker Glass Plastik 100 ml NIKKO = 25 buah
    9. Keranjang simple plastik = 1 buah
    10. 1 set piknometer 25 ml (dilengkapi thermometer) = 2 buah
    11. Bulb (bola hisap) = 10 buah
    12. Labu semprot = 5 buah
    13. Ferrous Iron Reagent Powder Pilows (1 pkg = 100 pcs) = 1 Pkg

  2. sundari says:

    mhn diberikan penawaran harga sbb :
    1. Botol kaca “Duran” ukuran 1000 ml sebanyak 10 (sepuluh) pcs
    2. Botol kaca “Duran” ukuran 500 ml sebanyak 20 (dua puluh) pcs
    3. Botol kaca “Duran” ukuran 250 ml sebanyak 20 (dua puluh) pcs
    4. Botol kaca “Duran” ukuran 100 ml sebanyak 10 (sepuluh) pcs

  3. arief djuanda says:

    mohon diberikan penawaran harga untuk botol kaca schot duran uk. 100 ml sebanyak 100 pcs (sudah termasuk tutup dan pouring ring)

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